The Appleton Legends Baseball Club is a non-profit organization that was started in 1997 by Rick Riddle and Tim Schwan.  The goal of the team to provide a competitive outlet for local adult baseball players.  The Legends are a member of the Northeast Wisconsin Baseball League (NEWBL), joined by the Menasha Macs, Green Bay Storm, Marinette Redbirds, Manitowoc Bandits and Sheboygan A's. The Legends have won the NEWBL 5 times!

The Legends played at Nienhaus Field in 2010 until 2014, after a one-year stop at Appleton North to play all of their home games.  Starting in 2015, the Legends have moved back out to the USA Sports Complex, and will need all the fans to come out as we will not benefit from the Miller Electric fans!

Our Story

The Appleton Legends were started in 1997 by Rick Riddle with the help of Tim Schwan.  The goal of the Legends was to give Appleton baseball players a chance to continue to play in their hometown.  There was a glut of talent that first year as Appleton West and Appleton East had won the state high school championships in 1994, 1995 and 1996.  Appleton North also won the FVA in 1996.  All of the talent from those teams would have scattered throughout the midwest had it not been for the creation of the Legends.  

For those first few years the Legends played anyone and everyone that they could.  The young team took their lumps against teams from Green Bay, Antigo among others that would pay many of their players, yet the Legends managed winning records and continued to attract the best talent in Appleton and the Fox Valley.  

The team started to mature as ballplayers as guys from the original team were now graduating from college and in 2001 the Legends along with the Green Bay Billies, Antigo All-Car, and Eau Claire Cavaliers formed the far-flung Northeastern Wisconsin Baseball League and took 2nd place.  In that same year the team from Appleton won its first NBC Wisconsin State Tournament.  At the time the Legends were playing most of their games with wood bats, but at the NBC, teams were given the choice of what type of bat to swing: metal or wood.  Even after the Legends put up 20 runs in the first and second games the competition still wanted to use metal.  The Legends won the semi-final and final game by the 10-run mercy rule. 

At this time, the Legends also began to have a free annual Little League clinic that was open to all boys and girls who wanted to come and learn a bit about the game from some of the best players in the area.  The event was marked by on the field instructions from current Legends players and participants were each give a free t-shirt.  The clinic was sponsored by local businesses including Play It Again Sports and Cooney's Embroidery.

Over the next few years the Legends continued to dominate the NEWBL, winning the league in 2002, 2003 and 2004.  During that time individual players from the Legends won a number of league MVPs and Pitcher of the Year and Batting Champion awards.  The Legends continued to have good showings at the NBC State Tournament, taking runner-up a couple of times, but they were not able to duplicate the success of 2001.  The team was able to continue its success though in the Wisconsin State League Tournament which featured a few NEWBL teams as well as State League teams and the Eau Claire Cavailiers.  The Legends took first place in this end-of-the-year tournament twice, in 2002 and 2003.

In 2005, four Legends put up incredible offensive and pitching numbers, but the team wasn't able to get it done when it mattered.  The team posted a gaudy 42-13 record, but came away with no championships--league or tournament.  It also started to mark a new generation of Legends. With the departure of Jason Schwan only Rick Riddle, Tim Schwan and John Hendrick would start the 2006 season who were also on the original team in 1997.  Key players like Gus Maves, Aaron Techlin, Ben Stanley, Randy Reeed, Jared Barker and Bryan Roskum also started to make fewer and fewer games.  

Even with the the new core of players being formed in 2006, the Legends managed to win the NEWBL once again and posted an overall record of 37-14.  The Legends also managed to win another NBC State Tournament title by beating former Legend Rick Caviani and his team from Verona in the final game.  Ty Heegeman, Sam Petrasko, Corey Richardson, BJ Chase, Kevin Kangas and Tom Ahrens were key contributors to the 2006 team that continued the strong winning Legends tradition.  The next year, the upstart Legends repeated at the NBC State Tournament for the first time in team history.

The Legends undertook a major overhaul with the 2009 season as Rick Riddle stepped down from being the field manager, with the exception of manning the 3rd base box during the annual trip to his hometown, Waupaca.  Rick stayed on to help run the organization, but Sam O'Connor and John Hendrick took over running the team on a day-to-day basis.  The team didn't only turn over the management, but also most of its roster with the key additions of Bubba Hunter, Kyle Van Abel, Bill Miller and Mike Bunkleman.  From 2008's everyday starting lineup, only John Hendrick, Sam O'Connor and Matt Paulus returned to the Legends along with most of the pitching staff including Tom Severson, Quintin Oldenburg, Keving Kangas and BJ Chase.  With the revamped lineup the Legends managed to take 4th place in the NEWBL regular season and earned another berth at the NBC State Tournament, where they were ousted by the team from Coon Valley for the second year in a row.

The 2009 season also saw the Legends returning to their original home field, North High School where they began playing league double-headers on Saturdays, which cut down on the time commitment to players and allowed more flexibility during the weeks.

In 2010 the Legends saw the departure of Sam O'Connor, ending another era for the team.  It also marked another major turn over in the roster.  Of the eight positions only John Hendrick and Matt Paulus returned to starting from the 2009 team.  Even with the massive changes, the Legends ended up placing second in the NEWBL and won the NBC State Tournament for the 4th time.  Kevin Kangas won his first NEWBL Pitcher of the year award and Drew Eichstaedt won the Rookie of the Year.  John Hendrick won his 2nd NBC State Tournament MVP.  The Legends roster centered on players from the Appleton high schools including all-NEWBL players: Brett Young, Dave Salzwedel, and Cullen Buchanan.  John Henrickson also joined the Legends from across the town line in Menasha and earned a spot on the NEWBL 2nd team.

The roster remained basically the same as 2010, but a couple of key contributors fought injuries for much of the season.  2011 ended up being a solid, but unspectacular year for the Legends.  It included the team taking 2nd place in both the NBC District and State Tournaments.  They also earned the 4th seed in the NEWBL going into the playoffs.  No one could stop Manitowoc in 2011 though and the Legends lost in the first round to the Bandits.  

The Legends continue to look for ways to develop local support and build on their success both on and off the field.
 Single Season Records


 John Hendrick '06
 Quintin Oldenburg '04
 Brian Roskum '03

 Kevin Kangas '10
 Brian Roskum '05
 Brian Roskum '03
 John Hendrick '06

Innings Pitched
 Kevin Kangas '06
 87 2/3
 John Hendrick '06
 78 2/3
 Brian Roskum '05
 75 2/3

 Quintin Oldenburg '04
 John Hendrick '05
 John Hendrick '06


 Jared Barker '05
Gus Maves '02
Justin Hallock '05

John Hendrick '09
Gus Maves '02
Aaron Techlin '04

Jared Barker '05
Ben Stanley '01
Gus Maves '02  15
Justin Hallock '05

Randy Reed '04
Trent Whitcomb '14
Aaron Techlin '02  5
Randy Reed '01
Drew Eichstaedt '10  5

Justin Hallock '04
Jared Barker '04  7
Jason Schwan '01
Kyle Butt '01  7
Zak Koga '05  6
Justin Hallock '06
Th  6

Justin Hallock '05
Jared Barker '05
Randy Reed '02  39
Jared Barker '04  39
Courtney Watkins '13  39

Zak Koga '05  43
Jared Barker '05  42
John Hendrick '10  42
Ben Stanley '05

John Hendrick '13  36
Jared Barker '05
John Hendrick '10
Ben Stanley '05

Stolen Bases
Aaron Techlin '03  21
Courtney Watkins '14  19
Courtney Watkins '13  19
Bubba Hunter '09  17

Hit By Pitch
John Hendrick '05
Courtney Watkins '13 12
Jaxon Spiegelberg '20
Zak Koga '05  9
Jared Barker '03

Aaron Techlin '02
Aaron Techlin '03
Jared Barker '04  8

 Notable Games

Hitting for the Cycle
    Randy Reed against the Tomah Travelers in the first game of the NBC State Tournament in 2001.

    Sam O'Connor against the Madison Moo in 2004.
    John Hendrick against the New London Merchants in the first game of the NBC District Tournament in 2008.
     BJ Chase and Alex O'Connor combined against Omro in 2005.
     John Hendrick against Depere in 2010.
     Kevin Kangas against Pewaukee in 2013.

Other Games
Ben Stanley had 5 doubles in one game against Manitowoc in 2001.

Adam Williams had 3 homeruns against Clintonville in 1999, as well as throwing a one-hitter.

John Hendrick hit a walk-off homerun against Verona in the 2007  NBC State Tournament Championship Game.

Kevin Kangas pitched a solid 8 innings and striking out 17 batters against Oshkosh in 2013.

Kevin Kangas throws no hitter in 2013 WABC Semi Final
 Notable Seasons

Sam O'Connor was NEWBL Pitcher of the Year in 2004
Quintin Oldenburg was NEWBL Pitcher of the Year in 2005.
Justin Hallock was NEWBL MVP in 2005.
John Hendrick was NEWBL MVP in 2006 and 2009.
Kevin Kangas was NEWBL Pitcher of the Year in 2010.
Drew Eichstaedt was NEWBL Rookie of the Year in 2010.
Courtney Watkins was NEWBL Batting Champion in 2014
Courney Watkins was NEWBL Co-MVP in 2014
 All-Time Records

Pitching (min 150 innings)

Brian Roskum  1.98
Sam O'Connor  2.05
Tim Harrikala  2.50
Jason Malkowski  2.50

John Hendrick  105
BJ Chase  60
Kevin Kangas  50

Innings Pitched
John Hendrick  1101
BJ Chase  685 2/3
Kevin Kangas  578 2/3

John Hendrick  1,418
BJ Chase  630
Kevin Kangas  630
Quintin Oldenburg  413

Hitting (min 300 PA)

John Hendrick
Jared Barker
Justin Hallock  363

Tony Krueger  .370
Kyle Butt  .357
Gus Maves  .354

John Hendrick
Jared Barker  86
Gus Maves  74

Randy Reed  23
Trent Whitcomb  18
Aaron Techlin  16
Jared Barker  16

Jared Barker  30
John Hendrick  29
Justin Hallock  24

John Hendrick  475
Justin Hallock  233
Gus Maves  231

John Hendrick  387
Jared Barker  242
Justin Hallock  218

John Hendrick  400
Jason Schwan  167
Chris Erm  164

Stolen Bases
Courtney Watkins  93
Trent Whitcomb  57
John Hendrick

Hit By Pitch
John Hendrick  49
Courtney Watkins  40
Chris Erm  30

John Hendrick  59
Jason Schwan  42
Aaron Techlin  34

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